Sunday, March 16, 2008

Attempted throwback in Oregon

Two legislators in Oregon are trying to repeal the law that bans discrimination based on sexual orientation in housing and employment:
Two Yamhill County lawmakers are planning a statewide ballot initiative to repeal the gay-rights law passed by the 2007 Legislature to prohibit discrimination in housing and employment based on sexual orientation.

State Sen. Gary George and Rep. Kim Thatcher, both Newberg Republicans, have submitted a ballot title to state elections officials, who said they will accept public comments through March 25.

The draft title of the proposed statutory amendment reads: "Removes sexual orientation from statutes listing impermissible discrimination grounds; deletes other sexual orientation-related provisions."


George said Friday that the backlash might help his initiative, because it exposes the intolerance of gay-rights supporters.

Senator George wants to be able to fire people for no reason other than that they are gay... but we're the intolerant ones.

Thus runs the convoluted mind of the homophobe.

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