Wednesday, February 20, 2008

That goes both ways, sir

I found this article about gay marriage and civil unions in New Jersey. Nothing of breaking news import--pretty much the same as in my last New Jersey post--but I did find this comment very telling:
"In the end, the truth is, the homosexual lobby wants same-sex marriage for one reason - to use the power of the state to force heterosexuals to approve of homosexual activity and relationships," said Assemblyman Richard Merkt (R., Morris).

Which really means that you're determined to deny it to them simply because you disapprove of "homosexual activity and relationships."

That really puts the lie to every argument in favor of banning gay marriage that people try to produce. No, this issue is not about "saving children." It's not about saving Western civilization. It's not about preserving the sanctity of marriage. It's not even about preserving the definition of marriage. It's because people like Richard Merkt don't want to treat gays as equal to straight people. It is simple bigotry and homophobia that is codified into law--which is something that flies in the face of everything our country pretends to stand for, and which none of us should accept.

The "we're not bigots, but" oratory used to support these laws rings as hollow as when it was used to support antimiscegenation laws. Bah.

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