Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Poe's law strikes again

Ed Brayton has found a mind-numbingly stupid article attacking gay people. Here's how the article starts out:
Sodomy, n. A crime against nature. --American Dictionary of the English language, Noah Webster 1828.

Words mean something. Noah Webster knew that well.

And here's an excerpt from A Practical Guide to Racism, p. 5:
Similarly, if I were looking for someone to lend me money, a Jewish person would be unlikely to help me, because they are traditionally parsimonious. It is best not to even ask, at the risk of being subjected to one of their patented "guilt trips" or, worse, jewed out of what money I do have.

That's why words like "jewed" and "gypped" exist. Are you calling Noah Webster a racist?

This isn't really Poe's Law, of course, since I don't think that anyone's confusing A Practical Guide to Racism as being anything but parody--at least not yet. But I think this just goes to show that there's no argument too absurd or too stupid for someone to put forth seriously.

P.S.: buy the book!

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