Thursday, January 10, 2008

One more Paul post

I don't really want to continue posting about Ron Paul's racism, but I found this article just now. The second page has this colorful quote:
In the Speaker's Lobby, Paul describes the federal airline security system as an extra-constitutional affront to civil liberties, and thinks security should be handled by the private sector. Then he takes a rather un-presidential jab at the appearance of many TSA screeners, a workforce heavily populated by minorities and immigrants. "We quadrupled the TSA, you know, and hired more people who look more suspicious to me than most Americans who are getting checked," he says. "Most of them are, well, you know, they just don't look very American to me. If I'd have been looking, they look suspicious ... I mean, a lot of them can't even speak English, hardly. Not that I'm accusing them of anything, but it's sort of ironic."

Right. They're non-white, therefore they are immediately suspect--they just "look suspicious." What's more, they just don't look very American to Paul. Because in Paul's head, only white people qualify as Americans.

And this time he doesn't have any ghostwriters to blame.

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