Friday, January 25, 2008

Friday Dead Racist Blogging: Turnaround Isn't Fair Play Edition

A while back, I did a Friday Dead Racist Blogging post that examined the double standard inherent in fear of miscegenation. Therein I discussed how whites viewed black women as so sexually wanton that they could not be raped, because they were always willing.

So when I found this, I couldn't pass up posting about it:
In 1951, for example, when Japanese citizens accused black GIs of the rape of Japanese women, Ebony published a reader's letter denying such claims by arguing that Japan was a sexually promiscuous culture. Therefore, this reader suggested, it was unlikely that Japanese women had been raped. According to Private Frank Topsail, "If you will check on the birth rate in Japan, you will find that most of the girls of Japan are very sexually overtrained. The birth rate is one of the highest in the world. . . . I really cannot believe most of those rape cases, if so, are on the soldiers' part." A similar argument concerning Japanese women's sexuality was presented in Jet when the magazine asked, "Is Vice Menacing Our GIs?" The article argued that black GIs were being duped into fathering children. "In Japan, for example, where Negro GIs reportedly have fathered one-third of an estimated 200,000 illegitimate babies, police and citizens alike have long accepted open prostitution. Rarely do police bother to make volunteer arrests among the 80,000 prostitutes in Japanese brothels."

--fomr Alex Lubin, Romance and Rights, p. 116

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