Sunday, November 4, 2007

Wherein I weep for my state

On behalf of Kentuckians, I am so sorry:
Each day near Petersburg, Ky., 1,500 to 4,000 visitors, including busloads from Christian schools and churches, stand in line for as long as an hour to wander 60,000 square feet of animatronic exhibits presenting the Bible's creation story as fact.

It's been six months since the Creation Museum opened to crowds and protests, and the controversial attraction has proven more popular than even organizers had predicted.

Halfway into its first year, it is on the verge of surpassing its projected yearlong attendance goal of 250,000. Officials now expect nearly 400,000 people to pass through the doors by year's end.

"It's been a surprise," said spokeswoman Melany Ethridge, who attributed it to the dramatic exhibits and ongoing media interest from Europe and elsewhere.

At least 10,000 people have paid for year-round access. In the past week alone, it has attracted visitors from France, Brazil, Japan and Hong Kong. The museum did not have a demographic breakdown of visitors, and still relies partly on donations.

I can understand going once to see it. Heck, my brothers and I all wanted to go and see it--just to laugh at them--but refrained because we also didn't want to give them money. (Incidentally, I have to wonder how many of the visitors were also of the point-and-laugh persuasion). But who on earth requires a season pass? Why would Ted Schulz of Louisville go twice? Creationists constantly crow that religion is constant whereas science changes (the former being good, the latter bad), so why would you ever have to visit a vacuous dump like that more than once? It will never change. They have all the facts now--they've remained the same for 6000 years--and nothing new need ever be added! Why the hell would you go a second time?

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