Thursday, November 22, 2007

The South: where the races are pure and the niggers are uneducated

Via Atrios, we have Will Saletan trying to justify his pig-ignorant assertion that racial differences in intelligence exist and that blacks are inherently stupider than whites with a statement that displays his monstrous stupidity:
The lowest black IQ averages in the United States show up in the South, where the rate of genetic blending is lowest.

Atrios doesn't provide a link to Saletan's article, so here's one. That way you can verify that Saletan really is that stupid--the South is where black-white mixing took place the most, often without the consent of one of the parties. Hell, the North and West both did everything they could to prevent blacks from coming to their areas of land at all, mostly to avoid race-mixing. In fact, that was what motivated some abolitionists--whereas slaveholders believed that having blacks and whites together was okay as long as the blacks were subjugated, these abolitionists believed that having blacks and whites together at all would lead to miscegenation. The only way to avoid this awful outcome entirely was to simply get rid of one of the races; they sneered at the South for its promiscuous levels of intermingling.

In short, Saletan doesn't know what he's talking about.

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