Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Or that black men can't really force your daughters to marry them

Digby expounds on the apparent inability of the right wing to grasp the concept of consent:
In the abortion debate, the only people who are (sometimes) considered worthy are those who didn't consent to sex and are therefore, "innocent." This also means that if a womans consent to sex she is automatically consenting to pregnancy (and admitting to being a whore who deserves to become a parent against her will.) Yet the anti-choice crowd simultaneously believes that a woman who chooses an abortion has not really given her "consent" because she doesn't really know what she's doing and can't be held liable for that decision.


The Deputy Director of Intelligence said the other day that if you gave any information to a web-site, you've consented to giving up your privacy to the government. GOP hacks are saying that if a soldier consents to be tortured as part of his training it means that it can't possibly be considered torture in any other situation.

To which I would add that many of them also can't seem to understand the difference between having sex with animals, corpses or children, and having sex with other consenting adults of the same gender. Or that consenting to a transaction involving specific sexual acts is not the same as consenting to being raped at gunpoint by four men.

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