Friday, November 23, 2007

Friday Dead Racist Blogging: To Die Would be a Great Adventure Edition

Part of the amusement of reading my dead racists is the complete and total arbitrariness of it all. They knew that whites were better than any other race--after all, they themselves were white--so all they had to do was examine the facts and use them to justify this position. In doing so, they would take any trait they had assigned to the races, and claim that in whites it was a symptom of their greatness, while in the other races it was a symbol of their weakness. So violent military conquest in whites shows that they are strong, stronger than the other races, and destined to rule all the lesser races; violence in other races, meanwhile, is emblematic of savagery and barbarousness--they don't know that civilized men settle matters differently.

Even qualities you would assume to be flaws were twisted to be great virtues:
It will be seen that suicide is most frequent in the Scandinavian countries, those of which the population is most purely Nordic; moderately high in England and South Australia, where the population shows a fair proportion of the physical qualities of the Nordic race. The rate is very low in Ireland, in spite of all the political and economic distress of her people; and very low in Spain, South Italy, and Russia, where the Nordic blood is scarce.

So Nordic people take their own lives with a much greater frequency than other races. You'd think this would be a bad thing, right? Wrong!
And even in suicide curiosity may play its part. Is not death a great adventure into the unknown? May not the desire to know the last secret have urged some reflective and unhappy souls, exasperated by the mystery of human life, to penetrate by their own act the impenetrable veil?

Suicide, you see, is merely a symptom of the overwhelming Nordic trait of curiosity, which sets them far above those pathetic other races which never question anything.

Text from William McDougall, Is America Safe for Democracy?, pp. 96, 100.

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