Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Her arguments are also nothing more than catfights. Can't forget that.

Does this strike anyone else as more sexist tripe aimed at Clinton?
Five Democratic candidates have withdrawn from Michigan's Jan. 15 presidential primary, leaving what amounts to a beauty contest for front-runner Hillary Rodham Clinton and a handful of lesser-knowns.

The article never returns to that phrase, so it's not clear what makes it a "beauty contest." Perhaps because it's all for show, as the DNC won't recognize any primary before February 5 except for a handful of states. Or perhaps because Clinton is an ickle girl and therefore her political actions are only a "beauty contest." Would the media, despite their raging erections for such virile exemplars of manliness as the GOP candidates, describe a Republican primary as a "beauty contest"? I somehow doubt it.

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