Friday, October 19, 2007

"He acknowledged that gay people exist, therefore he's trying to turn everyone gay!"

Well, Fletcher must be desperate:
Last week Fletcher's campaign sent reporters a copy of Beshear's campaign contribution list showing the names of two men who identified themselves in donation as a couple.

The list is required by Kentucky law and was submitted to the state.

"Beshear signed his name to the document under the penalty of perjury, swearing that he believed the contents of the report were accurate," the Fletcher campaign charged in a press release.


"Stating on his report that one male is the spouse of another runs contrary to the law of Kentucky," Fletcher spokesperson Jason Keller told the paper.

"Without question he violated the constitution. The document is his responsibility."

Kentucky has a constitutional ban on same-sex marriage.

Oh no! Beshear accepted money from a gay couple! This means he, uh... violated the consti... no, I can't even finish a statement that stupid, even if I'm being sarcastic.

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GayPeople said...

There should be no discrimination for gay people.