Thursday, September 6, 2007

Boos for Brownback?

Huh. Complete nut Sam Brownback was part of the Fox debate among Republican presidential candidates the other day, and he was apparently booed for supporting a constitutional amendment banning gay marriage:
During the debate Hume cut away to a local restaurant to gauge audience reaction.

A New Hampshire state employee was asked about same-sex marriage and if there should be a constitutional amendment banning it. The woman said no, adding that same-sex couples should be able to marry.

Hume then put the amendment question to Brownback.

"Answer to that is yes. And the reason is, this is a foundational institution. It is a foundational institution,"

At that point there were loud boos from the audience.

"I understand this is a divided audience on this," said Brownback.

I'm surprised to hear this coming from a Fox audience. Is this perhaps indicative of how much support gay marriage is gaining? Or--perhaps more likely--how much people don't want to bother amending the constitution?

At any rate, Brownback's reply is, well, a non-answer. What the heck does he mean by a "foundational institution", and why would it justify discriminating against same-sex couples?

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