Thursday, August 23, 2007

We have to nuke them 'til they love us!

Courtesy of Pam, there's a poll over at WorldNetDaily: "Should U.S. threaten nuclear annihilation of Muslim holy sites for deterrence?"

The majority answer, at 3514 votes, or 65.62% of the vote (as of the time Pam recorded the poll, which is now down), was "Yes, this is the only language these religion-driven fanatics understand."

I think that the problem is much rather that the voters in that poll only understand violence. That, and the further demonization of our opponents: they're insane! They're fanatics! They're driven by hate! They hate freedom! There's no way to reason with these people, because they don't have any real rationales, they're motivated by nothing but frothing, seething hatred! (Again, projection of the voters' own racism and hatred onto their opponents).

And recall, you can negotiate with these people, if you actually bother to. They are not mentally unstable, frothing-at-the-mouth bat-shit insane whackos who don't listen to others (after all, they're not writing for WorldNetDaily). If you didn't mock the idea of trying to understand the root of their hostility, you might actually... well, understand the root of their hostility.

I'll give you a hint: blithely talking about using nuclear weapons on their most sacred sites, along with all the complete disregard for the value of their lives that entails, is a part of it.

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