Friday, August 17, 2007

Friday Dead Racist Blogging: What's "Consent"? Edition

In 1925, Grace Copeland, wife of newspaper editor Walter Scott Copeland, went to an event at the Hampton Institute and was distraught to find that she was seated next to black women. So was her husband, who penned a nasty editorial denouncing the affair, writing such things as "Amalgamation would mean the destruction of the Anglo-Saxon race in America" and "We would prefer that every white child in the United States were sterilized and the Anglo-Saxon race left to perish in its purity."

After his editorial was published,
There were immediate cries for legislation to ban racial mixing in the audiences of any public event. Copeland was called before a committee of the legislature to testify on the bill. At the time he said of the Hampton Institute, "The niggers in that institution are being taught that there ought not to be any distinction between themselves and white people. If you wipe out the color line, we are gone. There will be no power on earth to prevent the nigger from entering our homes and marrying your daughter."

--"The Journalism Award Named for a Supremacist Opposed to Race-Mixing at Hampton University", The Journal of Blacks in Higher Education 30, Winter 2000-2001, p. 82

I wonder if that's how Copeland got his wife.

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