Friday, August 3, 2007

Friday Dead Racist Blogging: "It's twoo, it's twoo!" Edition

In chapter xxiii. of that Prophet [Ezekiel], 8, 20, 21, 27, it is stated that all the lewd abominations practised by the Jews, in his time, which was about 600 years B.C., were brought from Egypt and learned of the Egyptians, whose flesh says Ezekiel (v. 20,) was as the flesh of asses, and their issue as the issue of horses; so gross, fierce, and brutal were they, in their love of disorderly practices. But what do the Scriptures mean in the above phraseology, respecting the Egyptians, namely, that their flesh was as the flesh of asses? Simply as follows: that between the sexual members of the negro man and the brute called an ass, there was but little difference as to elongation and magnitude.

--Josiah Priest, Slavery as it Relates to the Negro, or African Race, p. 151

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