Sunday, July 15, 2007

Today's zombie racist: some blog troll

In defence of the form of slavery practised by the American South, as compared to other societies around the Earth in those days, it was a very benelovent practise.

We keep alive the dream of an independent Southern nation, separated from you vile despicable yankees, so that we do not get swept up in your world meddling.

Yes, those two statements were written by the same person. Ed Brayton mentioned the Confederate Flag again and it brought the racists crawling out of their holes. I simply marvel that someone can foam at the mouth and rail for independence against that horrible Northern oppression while at the same defend slavery as "not so bad."

Of course, this particular lunatic continues to rant about the North "murdering" Southerners and how slavery couldn't possibly have been so evil as to justify that. It really shows that he considers Southern (read: white) lives as more important than black ones.

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