Thursday, May 10, 2007

"Amazing. There was only one man in the world with the vision to predict something like this."

Via BuzzFlash, I find out that Bush's failure to provide troops with adequate armor for their vehicles wasn't an act of criminal negligence, but one of acute prescience:
Doors that jam shut during an attack are an unintended consequence of the Pentagon's effort to add armor to Humvees transporting U.S. troops in Iraq.

Due to the jamming problem, records show the Army must fix the doors of some 18,000 armored Humvees that serve as the main troop transport vehicle, USA Today reports.

One quick fix to the problem is to weld hooks to the Humvee doors so another truck can rip them off with a cable and release the troops.

I'm sure this problem is exactly what the Decider had in mind when he didn't get those extra 50-100 vehicles per month.

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