Tuesday, May 8, 2007

"I'm special!"

Ed Brayton has a post up regarding the hypocrisy involved in religious people decrying gays for wanting "special rights". Gays don't ask for anything other than to be treated the same as straights--how people can claim that this equals "special" treatment on the parts of gays is simply baffling. But it's worse given that some religious people--often the same kind who oppose gays' efforts to obtain equality--themselves turn around and demand special treatment. Consider that religious people want special accommodation on the job... essentially, they want the right not to have to do their job, should their religious sensibilities dictate otherwise.

But if gays want something as simple as the guarantee that they can't be fired from their jobs just for being themselves--a guarantee that the religious, of course, already have--then these people scream bloody murder.

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