Monday, May 14, 2007

But remember, it's gays who want "special" rights

A bunch of bus drivers in Lithuania were refusing to drive their buses because the Lithuanian Gay League had ordered some gay-friendly advertising on them:
DRIVERS of trolley buses in a Lithuanian town refused to take to their steering wheels over advertisements promoting tolerance towards gay men and women, a company official said.

Algirdas Krivickas, director of the trolley bus company in the western town of Kaunas, said employees had expressed strong emotions over the adverts which read: "A gay can serve in the police" and "A lesbian can work at school".


"Some said they feared the trolley bus could be vandalised, some said they do not want friends to laugh at them," Mr Krivickas said.

But rather than telling them to do their damned jobs, the buses removed the advertisements:
Drivers had refused to take out the trolley bus bearing the adverts. They had now been removed.

This page has a picture of one of the bus advertisement designs, which I've saved here.

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