Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Stop jerking me around, Kucinich!

Okay, looks like Kucinich submitted articles of impeachment after all.
After a series of delays, late in the day on Wednesday, Rep. Dennis Kucinich (D-OH), a candidate for president in 2008, announced a series of charges against Vice President Dick Cheney in Washington, DC. Kucinich alleged that the Vice President had committed a series of impeachable offenses and stated that he was therefore introducing Articles of Impeachment against Cheney in the Congress today.


The Ohio Congressman, who is running for president for the second time, noted three charges in his Articles of Impeachment, which were submitted as House Resolution 333. The first concerned manipulation of intelligence about Iraq's threat to the US. The second concerned manipulation of intelligence on the Iraq-Al-Qaida relationship. The last concerned what he called having "openly threatened aggression against the Republic of Iran."

Kucinich claimed in the press conference that the charges were "deeply researched" and insisted that his accusations were not just a political stunt.

Maybe it is, maybe it's not. It's probably not going to pass, given what other Democrats have had to say:
The former Cleveland Mayor further acknowledged in the press conference that he had not recently spoken with Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) on the matter. Pelosi had said last year that impeachment was "off the table."

In a conference call with today, the Speaker went further, telling RAW STORY that "President Bush was not worth it" because impeachment proceedings would be a distraction from passing Democratic policies that would ensure the party's future political victory.

"We will do more work to make for our own reelection, and maintain a Democratic Congress, and have a Democratic President," she said. "And frankly, for impeachment, George W. Bush is just not worth it. We have great work to do for the American people."

Asked why impeaching Cheney and not Bush, he answered "It is very important that we start with Mr. Cheney because if we were to start with the President, Mr. Cheney would then become president." And also, "We'd have to go through the constitutional agony of impeaching two presidents consecutively."

Um... can't you impeach both the president and the vice-president at the same time?

Anyways. The full articles, and "supporting documents", are available on Kucinich's website.

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