Saturday, April 21, 2007

More good news for gays

Washington Governor Chris Gregoire today signed a law allowing domestic partnerships in her state:
Washington Gov. Chris Gregoire signed into law Saturday a measure to create domestic partnerships, giving gay and lesbian couples some of the same rights that come with marriage.


"It offers the hope that one day, all lesbian and gay families will be treated truly equal under the law," said state Sen. Ed Murray, who is one of five openly gay lawmakers in the Legislature.

One day, maybe, but note that the opening paragraph says it only provides some of the same rights as married couples get. This article provides a bit more comprehensive list of the benefits given.
To be registered, couples have to share a home, not be married or in a domestic relationship with someone else and be at least 18.

Unmarried, heterosexual senior couples will also be eligible to register if one partner is at least 62. Lawmakers said that provision, similar to one in California law, was included to help seniors who are at risk of losing pension rights and
Social Security benefits if they remarry.

Naturally, there were opponents of the measure. Joseph Fuiten, a pastor, said "Giving marriage-lite benefits without the benefit of marriage strikes me as not a good idea."

Agreed, Mr. Fuiten. So let's give them marriage, wot?

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