Monday, April 2, 2007

Fox News: We Report, We Decide

First he's the anti-Christ, and now Barack Obama is Jesus himself.

David Cordero, a student at the Art Institute of Chicago, has created a sculpture of Barack Obama as Jesus, entitled "Blessing". Fine. But what really struck me was what the newswoman said half-way through the piece:
Aside from Barack being compared to Jesus, some may be offended by the suggestion that Christ is black, or that the United States could have a black president.

But, they don't seem to be at the exhibit this night.

So there wasn't anyone actually complaining about those things, but she still felt it necessary to insert that. I know that both statements are true, but why slip them in there if they're not really part of the story? You could just as easily have added that some people think challenging the notion that Jesus was white is important. It just strikes me as trying to push an opinion of the piece onto the viewer while disguising it with a journalistic "some say".

[Edit] For those of you who can't watch the video on that page, here's a brief article about it, including some (fairly bad) pictures of the piece, which I've saved here and here.

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