Friday, March 16, 2007

What he said

After being set off by an article by one Garrison Keillor, Dan Savage writes:
People opposed to same-sex marriage are just fucking addicted to double standards. Marriage is about children—unless you're straight, in which case you can get married without having children. Marriage is about monogamy—unless you're straight, in which case you can get married and swing and cheat or have threeways. Marriage is about a life-long commitment—unless you're straight, in which case you can marry multiple times, like Keillor.

Now marriage is about gender-appropriate behavior. So you shouldn't get married and have kids if you're not a manly man and a womanly woman—unless, of course, you're straight. Straight female tomboys marry and have kids without attracting Keillor's ire, as do effeminate straight men. (How many NPR listeners have over-decorated apartments, I wonder?) And straights can obsess about their hair (they're not selling all that RoGain to gay men) and wear appalling clothes (they're not selling all those low-rise jeans to lesbians)—it's only when gay men have children that it becomes a problem.

Amen, Mr. Savage.

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