Friday, January 19, 2007

Swift humor is so unappreciated

Via filkertom, an article about the White House Correspondents' Association and this year's dinner's star, Rich Little.

At the very bottom, they reveal why they went with Little after having Colbert last year:
Scully has said that the choice of Little, who practices a milder former of humor than Colbert, had nothing to do with any controversy surrounding Colbert's performance last year. "Colbert had a couple of zingers toward President Bush, and a couple toward the press corps," Scully recalled. "Stephen Colbert is very sophisticated and if you've not seen his show you may not get it." With Little, he added, "you don't have to explain his humor."

Yes, he's so very subtle with his act. Satire just flies over these people's heads, doesn't it?

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