Monday, January 22, 2007

Someone doesn't know their fairy tales

So I'm browsing through racist literature (I know; shocking, isn't it?) and I come across this short article, from the December, 1997 edition (warning, PDF) of the American Renaissance:
Snow White Next?

Walt Disney has released a multiethnic
Cinderella. The title character,
of course, is black, as is her fairy godmother.
The prince is a Filipino, the
queen is black, and the evil stepmother
and nasty step-sisters are, of
course, white. Typical dialogue: "I'm
your fairy godmother, honey. . . . You
got a problem with that?" (Michael
Hill, Millennium 'Cinderella,' TV
Week (Washington Post), Nov. 2-8,
1997, p. 3.)

I vaguely remember this when it came out, so these people seem to be based at least partly in reality. But they're complaining that a television musical about a myth that seems to have its oldest roots in China has a multiethnic cast. And further, they're complaining about the color of a girl whose nickname is Cinderella--Ash Girl.

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