Saturday, May 13, 2006

Governor Ernie Fletcher, who was indicted yesterday, announced that he still plans to run for a second term:

Gov. Ernie Fletcher said he will complete his first term and seek a second one despite an indictment on misdemeanor charges that accuse him of illegally rewarding political supporters with state jobs.

The embattled GOP governor was charged Thursday with conspiracy, official misconduct and violating a prohibition against political discrimination. A conviction could lead to jail time and his removal from office, according to the attorney general's office.

And we see what has come to be a pattern: investigations into corruption and illegal dealings are merely partisan witch hunts if they're against the GOP, while sexual affairs are big deals indeed:

"This has been a politically motivated, media-driven investigation from the start," Hall said. The administration will file a motion seeking to disqualify Stumbo and his entire staff from further participation in the patronage investigation, he said.

"The grand jury has spoken, the indictment speaks for itself and I intend to do the job the people of Kentucky elected me to do," Stumbo told reporters Thursday.

Fletcher, the first Republican elected Kentucky governor since 1967, centered his 2003 campaign around a promise to "clean up the mess in Frankfort." The previous governor, Democrat Paul Patton, had been tarnished by a highly publicized extramarital affair.

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