Thursday, April 27, 2006

Special Debora post

I think it was during my third semester at college, my schedule seemed to intersect with another person. I'd be walking home and pass her, and remember her because she looked like Debora. She was Indian, and about the right height and body type, which are rather superficial similarities but enough to make me notice her.

So one day when I was walking home from classes I noticed her standing still in the middle of the sidewalk, staring at something. Following her gaze, I saw she was looking at a squirrel foraging nearby, so I of course paused--squirrels always have the right of way. After a few moments, this Deboraish person bent her knees, dipping herself in the sort of sudden, abrupt motion one would make when pretending to lunge at someone. The squirrel, of course, bolted, and she smiled, and I thought to myself "This person certainly seems Deboraish!"

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