Wednesday, March 8, 2006

Lesbian Becomes College Homecoming King:

Hood College is reviewing its homecoming rules after a lesbian was crowned king, a college official says.


Jones, who is openly homosexual, received 64 of 169 votes cast, the News-Post reported.


Jones tried to run last year for homecoming prince but the student committee wouldn't let her on the ballot, even though she had gathered the required number of signatures on nominating petitions.


Miller said a rule change this year abolished the petitions and required that candidates be nominated by student ballots.

Jones said she didn't even know she was nominated until she saw her name on the final ballots that were distributed Feb. 13. Those ballots had been reviewed the night before by only half of the homecoming committee members at a hurriedly scheduled meeting, the News-Post reported.

And some of the results of this? Complaints, of course. That's to be expected, though I wonder how many of the people who are complaining didn't vote at all--only 169 votes out of 2100 students?

Waves of discontent are still rippling through the 2,100-student campus in western Maryland more than two weeks after Jones was crowned at the Feb. 18 homecoming dance, the News-Post reported Monday.

"She is not a man," said Singleton Newman, a 22-year-old senior who was among the queen candidates. "It is a gender issue, and she is a woman."

Santo Provenzano, 21, who competed for king, said Jones' selection made the event seem like a joke. "It discourages guys from wanting to take part in the future," he said.

Really? Why's that?

Maybe because pansies like you don't like being beaten by girls, and especially not at something that has usually been gender-exclusive?

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