Friday, March 31, 2006

I nearly spit my drink over my monitor reading this--the army has announced that it is banning the use of commercial body armor:

Soldiers will no longer be allowed to wear body armor other than the protective gear issued by the military, Army officials said Thursday, the latest twist in a running battle over the equipment the Pentagon gives its troops in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Army officials told The Associated Press that the order was prompted by concerns that soldiers or their families were buying inadequate or untested commercial armor from private companies — including the popular Dragon Skin gear made by California-based Pinnacle Armor.

So you send them to war without adequate armor, the absence of which may have caused many otherwise-preventable deaths. Then when they buy their own equipment, you don't reimburse them. And when law is passed making you reimburse them, you just ban them from buying their own armor at all--and all for concern over their "safety".

Yeah, right.

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