Thursday, February 23, 2006

In the evangelical never-ending war to make our children idiots, people have been challenging the International Baccalaureate programs at high schools because it is "un-American" and "un-Christian".


I believe that the suspension of the International Baccalaureate program at Upper St. Clair High School is the correct one to take. Usually, school boards don't take actions to eliminate programs such as this. I am relieved to see that the USC School Board had the courage to eliminate this controversial program from the school curriculum.

My feelings are that these types of "international" programs are nothing more than left-wing attempts to bash the United States, our morals, religious freedoms and foreign policy. Most of these types of programs are teaching socialism, or worse, communism, to our youth, as well as overboard environmentalism principles.

I think our youth should learn more about their own nation (the United States) first and foremost. Too many high school students know very little about our nation and its history. As the saying goes, "those who refuse to learn the lessons of history are doomed to repeat them". I couldn't care less as to what the rest of the world thinks of our country.

That is how I feel.

Richard Clark, Washington, Pa.


As a resident of the district and a parent of a former IB student, I cannot be HAPPIER that the district decided to terminate the program. It promotes Marxist, extreme environmental thinking. While it may not be anti-Judeo-Christian, the program surely does not promote traditional Judeo-Christian values.

Academically speaking, the program is also weak when compared with the standard USC programs. In the IB program the students are expected to teach themselves. While self-taught curriculum may be fine for advanced high school students, it is completely inappropriate at the middle school level. This is particularly so when one considers that USC employs many of the most skilled (and highest paid) educators in the state.

Russell White, Upper Saint Clair

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