Saturday, June 11, 2005

Church condemns move to allow gay couples to adopt:

Cardinal Keith O'Brien, the leader of Scotland's Roman Catholics, said the plan was "clearly not in the best interests of children". He said: "Such a measure would distort the understanding of the family, cause harm to children and promote the status of homosexual relationships.

"Homosexual unions are notoriously fragile and unstable, and the small number of homosexual couples living together make the suggestion that this measure would increase the number of potential adoptive parents unrealistic."

Cardinal O'Brien added: "To place children in such a situation is to put them in an environment that is not conducive to their full human development. This is gravely immoral and in open contradiction to the principle, recognised in the UN Convention on the rights of the child, that the best interests of the child, as the weaker and more vulnerable party, are to be the paramount consideration in every case."

Morag Mylne, convener of the Church of Scotland's church and society council, said: "For a child, welfare is seen in terms of security and happiness and stability and a loving environment.

Yes, we can tell they have nothing but the best interests of the children at heart when they're trying to keep them in orphanages. What a crock.

And then there's the bullshit about gay relationships being "fragile and unstable", and the implicit bullshit that "security and happiness and stability and a loving environment" cannot be found in a gay household. What a bunch of bigoted crap.

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