Monday, April 25, 2005

If God is purely good, would this mean that zhe is limited in the sense that zhe cannot do evil?

I suppose one could put forth the argument that zhe is infinitely good, so zhe's clearly infinite and therefore unlimited.

I'm taking limitations to mean limitations on acts one can perform, so let's assume a set A that consists of all actions possible. This set is almost certainly infinite.

Then there's the set of all evil acts, E--also infinite. The set of acts God can perform is G = A - E.

If there exists a bijective function F: G → A, then clearly the two sets are the same size. I would imagine that such a function exists, although it would be difficult to come up with one... especially given that what actions should fall into E is rather subjective.

So if all this is true, then |A| = |G|, which means God is just as infinite in hir goodness as zhe would be if zhe were allowed to do evil.

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