Monday, February 7, 2005

Israel: the only country to have a Secretary of Chutzpah on its cabinet

From Pravda, Israel acknowledges the capture of top SS official in Buenos Aires.

Reading into it, you find that they finally acknowledge having done this in 1960, when they kidnapped Adolf Eichmann. Up until yesterday they maintained that it had been carried out not by the Mossad, but instead by "a group of Jews living in Argentina without ties with the government".

It's like refusing to admit that they have nuclear weapons, even though everybody already knows they do. What are press conferences in Israel like?

"So, I'll field some questions now. Ah, yes, Jim?"
"Yes, thanks. So, uh, how advanced is our genetic engineering program?"
"I have no idea what you're talking about."
"You... you've got four arms, sir. And a--"
"And a bar code on your forehead. Would you care to comment on that?"
"It's a skin condition. Doctors say I'm progressing nicely, thank you for asking."
"And the arms? You've got four of them."
"I can't confirm that."

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