Friday, February 18, 2005

From Editor and Publisher:

He [James Guckert, aka Jeff Gannon, aka whoring shill] criticized the MSNBC show Hardball and radio host Don Imus for doing segments in the past two days on him without seeking his input.

"I wasn't even given a chance to respond. Chris Matthews' show didn't make any effort to reach out to me, which is disturbing," he said. "He asked Pat Buchanan to comment on some things [about him] that that Pat Buchanan has no information on."

When reminded that he had made a point of saying to E&P that he would no longer talk to the press, Guckert said that should not have stopped those shows from seeking him out of journalistic fairness. "Does that mean they don't try to talk to me?" he added.

Two things come to mind when reading this pabulum.
First: Why does this guy think he's fit to preach to actual reporters (or at least credentialized ones) on how they ought to be doing their jobs?
Second: What the hell does he expect? He refuses to address the accusations by with a flippant "I'm not commenting... because there's just so much stuff out there", he makes a point of saying he won't talk to the press, and then he thinks that they should come and ask him what he thinks? Why? So he can once again refuse to answer any relevant questions?

Gannon is considering suing those who uncovered the story for "political assassination".

AMERICAblog's response? "Bring it on."

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